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Delaware Drug-related Regulatory Updates

Drug-related revisions to the regulations governing nurses and pharmacists practicing in Delaware took effect on March 11, 2015.  For nurses, “unprofessional conduct” that may lead to disciplinary action now expressly includes diverting, possessing, obtaining, supplying or administering illegal drugs.  For pharmacists, a new regulation expressly requires that dispensed medications returned to a pharmacy “by the public” must be disposed of in accordance with Delaware and federal controlled substances laws, and “proposed disposal methods must be authorized by the Delaware Office of Controlled Substances and federal authority.”

There are also changes to both the nursing and pharmacy regulations with respect to educational/training requirements.  For nurses, one Continuing Medical Education hour (60 minutes) now equals one contact hour (as opposed to 1.2 contact hours).  For pharmacists who administer immunizations and other injectable medications, the required CPR certification must be obtained through hands-on education as opposed to an online course.

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